The Basics of Customer Development


The success of every startup begins with the customer. No matter how well-written a business plan may be, you never know what will happen when your minimum viable product gets to the first customer. In fact, there’s a 50/50 chance that everything you planned for will change. The Traditional Route Basically, for the last 40… Read more »

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Co-shoring Best Practices


As I mentioned in my last post on co-shoring, most firms these days are using some form of co-shoring and not even realizng it.  Now a growing group of startups are starting to built with some form of co-shoring. And each option – has its own set of pros and cons such as :  Using staffing… Read more »

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23 Lean Startup Insights


We love Lean Startup! Here are 23 Lean Startup Insights that we’ve collected for you guys to enjoy and learn from. If you got additional Lean Startup Insights, just comment below! We definitely want to hear about it!   AB Dev Labs – 23 Lean Startup Insights from ABDevLabs  

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