Co-shoring Best Practices

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As I mentioned in my last post on co-shoring, most firms these days are using some form of co-shoring and not even realizng it.  Now a growing group of startups are starting to built with some form of co-shoring. And each option – has its own set of pros and cons such as :  Using staffing… Read more »

What is co-shoring and what it means to startups?

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Most early stage startups waste endless amounts of time.   They spend time looking for developers, off-shore partners and finally CTOs to fix engineering flaws that off-shore developers created.   Co-shoring is a new model where product development is split between off-shore and on-shore engineering partners.  Software development is then paired between developers who are remote and… Read more »

AB Dev Labs – the Cooperative/Coop Incubator

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Incubators are all the range these days and startups in general are even bigger.  Everyone wants to create a business and be THE FOUNDER  and be THE BIG GUY.  The startup world is the silicon valley or alley is based on “all-stars”.  The hype is enormous with numerous competitions: Tech Stars, Pitch Games, Fund Raising… Read more »