Co-shoring Best Practices


As I mentioned in my last post on co-shoring, most firms these days are using some form of co-shoring and not even realizng it.  Now a growing group of startups are starting to built with some form of co-shoring. And each option – has its own set of pros and cons such as :  Using staffing… Read more »

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What is co-shoring and what it means to startups?


Most early stage startups waste endless amounts of time.   They spend time looking for developers, off-shore partners and finally CTOs to fix engineering flaws that off-shore developers created.   Co-shoring is a new model where product development is split between off-shore and on-shore engineering partners.  Software development is then paired between developers who are remote and… Read more »

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AB Dev Labs – the Cooperative/Coop Incubator


Incubators are all the range these days and startups in general are even bigger.  Everyone wants to create a business and be THE FOUNDER  and be THE BIG GUY.  The startup world is the silicon valley or alley is based on “all-stars”.  The hype is enormous with numerous competitions: Tech Stars, Pitch Games, Fund Raising… Read more »

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Developers need to work for something


I sometimes find myself sitting with business folks, trying to hire more tech people.  And it recently struck me how the business pitch does not always match the technology pitch.  The business pitch typically is extremely positive, well thought out and involves a clear set of reasons why working for them is a great idea. … Read more »

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