Lean Startup Co-Shoring: Slideshare


Looking for a downloadable Lean Startup Co-Shoring references? We’ve condensed all of the major points in our blog post, and converted them as a presentation deck. Published by AB Dev Labs – Startup Development Made Simple. Learn how Co-Shoring can effectively improve Startup Development. Understand the Pros and Cons and Learn the Best Practices for… Read more »

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23 Lean Startup Insights


We love Lean Startup! Here are 23 Lean Startup Insights that we’ve collected for you guys to enjoy and learn from. If you got additional Lean Startup Insights, just comment below! We definitely want to hear about it!   AB Dev Labs – 23 Lean Startup Insights from ABDevLabs  

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The Lean Startup Method [Infographic]


This is the first of several articles that focuses on the Lean Startup Method developed by Eric Ries.  Lean Startup is defined as the use of scientific method to create an optimal product into the hands of the customer’s quickly. The Lean Startup Method is known to provide the following: Eliminate Uncertainty Work Smarter, Not… Read more »

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