23 Lean Startup Insights

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We love Lean Startup! Here are 23 Lean Startup Insights that we’ve collected for you guys to enjoy and learn from. If you got additional Lean Startup Insights, just comment below! We definitely want to hear about it!   AB Dev Labs – 23 Lean Startup Insights from ABDevLabs  

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Programmer

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If you’ve ever wondered what the pros and cons are when dating a programmer, then check out this funny infocomic. Does any of these scenarios actually apply to you? Share your thoughts on this one.           Thanks to Koding.com for the Infocomic

Know Your Customers and Speak Their Language

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Startup founders and their organizations are driven mostly by the need to create solutions for customers. And that is how most startups become successful – by providing solutions to a specific market. But what happens if the customer and a startup do not have a complete understanding of each other. What could happen? There is… Read more »