9 Simple Growth Hacks for Customer Acquisition

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If you’ve stumbled into this article, chances are, you’ve launched your startup / website and are looking for ways to acquire more traffic and visitors to your site. As a startup founder / entrepreneurs, having a great product is awesome, but turning visitors into long term customers is better. Gaining traffic (users) isn’t easy and… Read more »

[Infographic] User Experience 101

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  UX stands for “user experience” and it’s a vital term to know if you want your own site to be successful. For more on this concept and how it can be applied to your business website, take a look at the following “UX 101: What is User Experience?” infographic:  Explore more visuals like this… Read more »

The Basics of Growth Hacking

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A growth hacker’s primary goal is to drive people down the funnel.   In the startup world, there’s quite a buzz with the term growth hacking?   What is Growth Hacking? The term is first coined by Sean Ellis, who defined a growth hacker as “a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do… Read more »

Lean Startup Co-Shoring: Slideshare

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Looking for a downloadable Lean Startup Co-Shoring references? We’ve condensed all of the major points in our blog post, and converted them as a presentation deck. Published by AB Dev Labs – Startup Development Made Simple. Learn how Co-Shoring can effectively improve Startup Development. Understand the Pros and Cons and Learn the Best Practices for… Read more »