When you have an online business, you most definitely might be having an option for customers to shop at your online store. It is vital to ensure you have the right strategies that will help in attracting more shoppers to website stores. There are some minute factors that people ignore, which could be the main reason why shoppers are avoiding their websites. But what are the things that you will need to do to attract more shoppers online?


1. Include Free Shipping

Though this might seem sort of a loss to you, but you must offer some free shipping to your customers in order to attract more. Many buyers opt to buy goods direct from their local stores because some online stores offer high shipping costs. Apparently, anything that can be found online, can also be found at several local stores. Therefore, it is advised that you offer your online shoppers free shipping for their products bought, that will attract more of them.


2. Assorted Products

When your website is selling a certain category of products, for instance clothing and footwear, you must ensure you have products that feature every gender and age. The size must be in all ranges, the color must be in different tastes and the design or style should also vary. When a shopper visits your website and finds an array of products to buy from, they will be lured more to visit again.


3. Offer Promo Codes

To lure in more shoppers, you could offer some promotional codes, which allow them to win prices in terms of goods, trips, gift vouchers or discounts. This will help in attracting more shoppers to website stores in order to be among the lucky buyers.


4. Create Outstanding Content

In this aspect, you will have to think more like a publisher than a retailer. You shouldn’t just focus on selling your brand without minding your selling platform. The selling platform, your website, should be attractive enough with significant content. When your customers are shopping through your website, they should enjoy the shopping. You could include stuff such as videos, blogs, elegant pictures, buyers’ guides and many more. The shoppers should find your website entertaining and informative.


5. Leverage Social Media

Apart from making your website entertaining, you must also find ways of exploiting the social network fully. This is because most of the online subscribers are found in social media. You could integrate your website with the functioning or platform of any of the social media. For example, you could integrate your website’s interface to be able to reach more shoppers on Facebook or Twitter as well as chat with them. It would be beneficial if you would interact with your shoppers through the chat feature. This will make them feel cared for.

6. Adjust The Delivery Time

Many online shoppers are discouraged by the long delivery days that it takes for them to receive their items. It is advised that you apply the same-day delivery option to your shopping carts in order to attract more clients. The delivery period will matter most to shoppers who are in urgent need of their products.


7. Consider Affiliate Networks

These are websites that direct traffic to your online store in return of commission per sale. The commission is applied on a Cost Per Acquisition analysis. Affiliate networks contribute in attracting more shoppers to website stores. The affiliate marketing is favorable and cost friendly. However, you will be charged in accordance to your sales. The more people buy from your online store, is the more you will need to pay the affiliate networks


8. Display Ads

Apparently, the only way that a shopper will go to a particular store is because they heard it from someone, or they saw it on a billboard somewhere. Technically, you will need to advertise your website fully in order to attract more shoppers. There are many ways for advertising your brand online and among them is the Google Display Network (GDN). This entails several websites and it helps in giving you the authority over your website. Via this option, you can set, manage, set a goal, evaluate, and optimize the Ads that are displayed on other member sites through the Google Adword account. This will be easier for shoppers to get to your site even if they are on other websites.


The design and management of your online store will determine the number of shoppers that visit your it. Generally, the lesser the cost incurred will help in attracting more shoppers to website stores.

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