The Customer is always right, that is what many business owners claim. What they really mean is that customers get the first priority in a business. In many situations, customers have less to say when it comes to running the business. But on the other hand, one unsatisfied customer can rob you of thousands of more customers. This is mostly through the social media. But when you take it positively, that will help you to know your limitations and it will help other customers to avoid the same encounter. For the businesses that are eager to know their customers’ encounter, they will succeed in many cases.

Being a customer centric company is vital to a business and it will win you more customers, through your satisfied ones. But how can you become a company that is customer centered?

How to Become a Customer Centered Company


1. Developing Customers

Customer Development involves the process of interviewing customers by an entrepreneur or business with a target of creating a better product that satisfies them most.

It can be easy and traditional for you to develop your products, but if you neglect your customers, you will not really know if they like the product or not. You must talk to your customers and know what they feel about your product. Should you add or remove something to it? That will be dependant to your customers’ response. Nevertheless, you need to be well trained in order to carry out customer development.


2. Take The Place of a Customer

A top customer centric company, Amazon, works with a slogan ��Start With The Customer and Work Backwards’. Basically, every product manager of Amazon writes an internal press release that touches on customers. These press releases are aimed at focusing on the factors affecting the customers, how the current problems have been solved and how the new product is promising. When there is less feedback from the customers, such manager will review his press release until the customers are content.

Technically, it is important to look at things from a customer’s angle rather than from a manager’s angle. As a business, you will also think of what profits you will make, alternatively, you should think about how your customers will be satisfied with your product. Look at your company from the customer’s place and you might be able to see the negativities of your product.


3. Avail Yourself

It is frustrating for customers who never receive any of the services that relate to their dissatisfaction. Therefore, to ensure your company is customer centric, you will need to exploit different ways of interacting with them. Some prefer live chats, some emails, some want to make a direct phone call, while others prefer communicating via Facebook messages. You must have various ways of reaching your customers because they all have different preferences of interaction. You should not have every channel of interaction, rather, go for the most used channel by your customers.


4. Meet Your New Customers

You must always be ready to welcome that new customer who just joined your network. Thanks to the new technology, customers can access the net from anywhere, at any time. Therefore, make them feel appreciated for being in your company’s website. Always give them informative content that will make them stay for a longer time. If they are welcomed by the high prices on their first visit, they might never come back. You need to know that a customer can make your business flourish or fall in just a single touch on their Smartphones.


5. Customize Service For Each Customer

You must keep in mind that your customers will always read your company’s information along with the reviews. You therefore must use all your best ways to ensure almost 80% of your customers are satisfied with your product and the services involved. You can know what the customers prefer by visiting multiple social networks in order to see what they are not satisfied with. This will help you to adjust your products accordingly to ensure you have a satisfied lot of customers who would help broadcast your brand.


It is important to become a customer centric company, which assist in promoting your company’s reputation while maintaining a strong consumer base. A customer is usually the boss and all that matters is their satisfaction and if your company considers that, then you are sure of success.

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