The Questions


Who is the CEO?
Which founders are coding most of the site/app?
Who had the original idea and told the others?
If you could magically hire a few developers, would one of the founders become their manager, and if so, who?
Which founders are working part-time and will join full-time once you get funding
If this founder left, it would severely impact your chances of raising funding
If this founder left, your development schedule would be severely impacted
If this founder left, it would compromise your launch or initial traction
If this founder left, it would probably prevent us from generating revenue quickly
Who writes the blog and the marketing copy that goes on the site?
Who comes up with most of the features?
Who has a spreadsheet with budget estimates or simulations
So far, who pays for basic business expenses like printing business cards, web hosting?
Who pitches investors?
Who is well connected with your target industry, providing introductions to potential customers, journalists and influencers?